The NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer Competency Tracker - a tool to assess, record and manage competencies in Computer Aided Engineering and numerical simulation

Giovanni Borzi


Tim Morris

NAFEMS - the international association for the engineering analysis, modelling and simulation community


Over the last years EnginSoft and NAFEMS partnered to develop the Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) Competency Tracker software. This on-line system builds upon and provides access to the PSE -Professional Simulation Engineer Competencies, an extensive database of computer aided engineering competencies and educational resources developed and maintained by NAFEMS. PSE Competencies encompass thousands of statements covering several technical areas across the whole CAE spectrum, therefore representing a de-facto standard for the industry. Specialised databases of competencies are also currently available or under active development. The PSE Competency Tracker system enables motivated individuals to plan and monitor their development as a simulation engineer, tracking their competencies as they are achieved. Companies can do the same for their staff, creating a database of the combined simulation skills of their workforce. To this end, both the PSE Competency Tracker system and the underlying database can be easily customised, to adapt them to specific needs of SME and large organisations as well. The latest release of the PSE Competency Tracker provides additional flexibility. Crucially, it now provides companies with the ability to manage and track competencies customisation, to import future updates of the competency database directly from NAFEMS and to reconcile changes with existing records of competencies.