The role of new production technologies and CAE in the evolution of Aerospace industry

Raffaele Acierno

Compositi Avanzati

Fabio Rossetti



Today the aerospace industry represents one of the main test bench for employment of innovative materials and automated production processes; the challenge has to be faced get more and more engaging due to several very pressing design requirements tied to safety, consumption reduction and production cost rationalization. The composite materials aren’t only a today’s trend, but a concrete and evolutionary resource that allows to achieve multi-objective performances inconceivable until a short time ago. The design, engineering and production phases are complex and all the operations and parameters have to be managed effectively, but the evolution of the manufacturing processes and the continuous upgrades of the Virtual Prototyping tools, allow to support all the design phases efficiently. Compositi Avanzati, company involved in the design and production of composite material structures, it will share some applications developed for the aerospace industry, discussing some relevant case studies developed along with EnginSoft exploiting the most advanced CAE technologies.