Session sponsored by   WASS        TechNet Alliance
Speaker Company Title of Paper    
Luca Corbinelli Wass FEM Simulation for Underwater Defence System Design. WASS experience     Abstract & Full presentation
Jérôme Lasvenes AIRBUS Operations SAS Mytest: the airbus solution for major structural test measurements     Abstract & Full presentation
Eric Deletombe ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab Numerical optimization of composite fuel tanks subject to hydrodynamic loads     Abstract & Full presentation
Stefano Toro Umbra Group Design Optimization of an Electro Mechanical Actuator: what are the suitable algorithms to solve this complex constrained problem of optimization?     Abstract & Full presentation
Emmanuel Leroux CST Italy EMC Simulation for Electronic Device Design     Abstract & Full presentation
Simone Gubbioni MBDA IT The methodology based on hydro-FEM simulations (LS-DYNA) to deliver requirements and to design trials for Missile's equipment that must survive to the shock of impact on threat     Abstract & Full presentation
Roberto Cavarero PLM Systems Product Lifecycle Management opportunity for enabling CAE & CAT collaboration     Abstract & Full presentation
Rosario Dotoli Consorzio CETMA Fabric impact drop tests: numerical simulations using the Ls-Dyna micro-mechanical approach and experimental characterization     Abstract & Full presentation
Raffaele Acierno Compositi Avanzati The role of new production technologies and CAE in the evolution of Aerospace industry     Abstract & Full presentation
Emiliano Costa D'Appolonia RBF-based aerodynamic optimization of an industrial glider     Abstract & Full presentation
Marco Nicolo' Coccon University of Padova A reliability-based multidisciplinary approach for the design optimization of very flexible wings     Abstract & Full presentation
Elia Cipolato EnginSoft Germany CFD applied to In-Flight Ice Accretion Simulation and design of Ice Protection Systems     Abstract & Full presentation
Najeem Muhammed GKN Aerospace An Efficient and Accurate Method of Modeling Riveted Joints in Aeroengines     Abstract & Full presentation
Gennaro  Monaco Aviointeriors Aircraft seat engineering & certification - pressure measurements and comfort of a cushion     Abstract & Full presentation
Jagadish Ramaiah GKN Aerospace India Simulation of Residual Stress in Welding and its Influence on External Loads in a Structure     Abstract & Full presentation