Taking image-based intracranial aneurysm modeling into clinical settings

Luca Antiga, Simone Manini, Lorenzo Botti, Pietro Rota



Recent clinical studies have shown that treatment decision in the presence of intracranial aneurysms represent could potentially benefit from the availability of robust morphological descriptor and numerical simulations of blood flow in clinical settings.
Orobix Srl, in collaboration with the University of New York at Buffalo, has recently developed a clinically-oriented application for image-based modeling of intracranial aneurysm morphology and hemodynamics. Leveraging on the Vascular Modeling Toolkit (vmtk.org), an open-source tool for image-based modeling of vascular networks developed by Orobix Srl, the application allows to process a case in 5 to 10 minutes of user interaction time. In addition, it features a robust mixed DG/CG solver that allows to obtain reliable solutions over relatively coarse grids. The application is currently under evaluation in 20 clinical centers the US and Japan where it is demonstrating its suitability for use by trained surgeons and neuroradiologists.