Automated extraction of Occupant Injury results

Peter Appelgren, Nikolaos Tzolas



There are an increasing number of standardized tests, for which a vehicle should comply with and all these tests, usually, require the generation of a standardized report.

For the generation of reports for simulated tests, after each solver run, the followed post-processing actions are always the same. In addition, for Occupant Safety tests the use of different dummies per test, adds more similar post-processing actions.

This repetition is proven cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors. Therefore, the automation of the execution of those actions and the subsequent report generation is required.

Apart from automating the repeated post-processing actions another problem is to compare the results of the simulated tests with the physical tests results.

This paper presents a software tool developed in µETA (mETA), the Post-Processor of BETA CAE Systems S.A., that automatically processes and creates reports for Occupant Protection in Interior Impact. This tool streamlines the extraction of the results for the respective tests and it leads directly to reports. Different dummy types can be processed simultaneously from both simulation and physical tests. Results from many simulation and test runs can be overlaid and handled efficiently in order to be compared.

The use of this tool not only saves time and eliminates user’s frustration but it also assures an error-free outcome.