Dynamic Characterization of a New Family of Packaging Machine

Nicola Baldecchi



In the packaging machine industry, especially for snack food, higher speeds are required both for single bag cost reduction and for plant layout.
Ilapak, one of the most experienced companies for vertical packaging, starts the development of a new series of high-speed machine, called “Vegatronic 6000 Open Frame series”.
Focus of the project was to design a machine able to achieve (and overtake) the speed of 200 bags per minute; close to the physic limit for vertical packaging (due to gravity acceleration).
Since the required machine flexibility forces to operate in every intermediate speed, the dynamic behavior has became the first aim to achieve, to avoid vibrations, noises and gives the customer the feeling of the best Italian engineering.
This activity concerns the dynamic characterization of this machine in operating conditions: principal internal devices movements are considered for the analysis.
The performed analysis want to determine the transfer function of the first model in order to understand the best way to reduce vibration of the machine in the analyzed range of frequency.
In this respect, a new structural architecture and material coupling has been studied, not mainly for vibration reduction, but to improve the damping of the chassis and increase general rigidity