The PARC_CL model for FEM analyses of RC structures subjected to cyclic loads

Beatrice Belletti, Matteo Scolari, Alessandro Stocchi

University of Parma - DICATeA


In the paper it is proposed a new version of the PARC_CL crack model for finite element analyses (FEA) of RC structures subjected to cyclic loads. The proposed model is an updated version of the previous PARC_CL model developed for loading-unloading and reloading conditions. The secant unloading behavior implemented in the previous version of PARC_CL crack model was not able to adequately evaluate hysteretic cycles and plastic deformations. In the new PARC_Cl version, proposed in the current paper, plastic deformations of elements subjected to plane axial stress states can be evaluated under alternate load cycles. The effectiveness of model has been validated by comparing non-linear finite elements analyses (NLFEA) results with experimental tests on RC panels and walls found in literature. NLFE analyses have been carried outby means of the ABAQUS code where PARC_CL model is implemented in the user subroutine UMAT.for.