CAD/CAE-based environment for Virtual Design Review

Giorgio Bernabei, Claudio Pascarelli


Mariangela Lazoi, Angelo Corallo

University of Salento

Danilo Cannoletta

Alenia Aermacchi


In today’s competitive industrial environment, designers want to spend less time in data management focusing more on product development thus reducing costs, time and improving product quality. This paper proposes a methodological framework combined with a technological architecture that enables the use of Virtual Reality (VR) systems and High Performance Computing (HPC) to support the Concurrent Engineering.
The aim is at integrating design and simulation processes through the support of CAD and CAE tools in order to overlay, on multiple graphical layers, the results of diverse simulations together with the geometric models, resulting in KPI dashboard for decision making and monitoring. Furthermore, HPC cluster based on GPU will enable the fine-tuning of simulation results through the adjustment of simulation parameters thus producing real-time outputs. The integration within the Product Lifecycle Management system will ensure an improved use of information and management of results, through the aggregation of data coming from various processes.