RBF mesh morphing ACT extension for ANSYS Mechanical

Marco Evangelos Biancolini

RBF Morph


The awarded RBF Morph add-on for ANSYS Fluent has been released in 2009. The effectiveness of this technology has been proven by industrial and scientific applications and there is a growing interest in the extension of such a tool in other areas. RBF mesh morphing allows to provide an accurate control of surfaces and to update volume mesh accordingly with a minimum loss of quality. The major benefits are: re-meshing noise is avoided, mesh update is faster than re-meshing, update is available even when the original CAD is not available.
The new RBF mesh morphing ACT extension is born to fit aforementioned needs. The new tool is powered by the fast RBF mesh morphing technology of RBF Morph and benefits of the smart tools of ANSYS Mechanical that allow to set-up very complex shapes just with a few mouse clicks.
The current implementation is available for ANSYS 15. The potential of the approach is demonstrated on simple models and on a complex industrial component.