ANSYS Mechanical customization through ACT extensions. Some useful tools to improve and speed up the user everyday activities and ANSYS Mechanical features

Riccardo Cenni



The ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit (ACT) provides tools for customizing the ANSYS Mechanical product. ACT provides simple access to the main components of Mechanical, such as GUI components, mesh, geometry, boundary conditions, etc. in a Python programming environment. We have developed more than one extension to simplify and standardize many Mechanical actions. In this paper some examples of the ACT extensions we developed are described. They are used in everyday activities of SACMI Imola S.C. ceramic engineering department to improve and speed up the user operations. We propose here different types of ACT extensions: Encapsulation of MAPDL scripts (Beam analysis), Creation of User-Defined Results (Radial Deformation, Shape Morphing), Encapsulation of .js Macros (Outer Faces) and other Miscellaneous operations (Copy Results, BodiesIDS). A performance comparison in using or not ACT extensions is also provided.