An integrated approach for mono-dimensional acoustic analysis and optimization of CNG Compressor line

Ferdinando Ciardiello, Francesco Aloe

Landi Renzo

Francesco Franchini, Marco Serafini



Nowadays compression lines for Oil&Gas application are becoming very common. Their application for Off-Shore platform or On-shore for gusher is very important in order to use the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas),that comes out, for many services: hot generators, light generators and many other services.
Because of complexity and big dimensions of the system, it is not possible to perform experimental test on field in order to check the properly behavior of it, therefore the simulation become a customer’s priority requirement. One of the most important analysis that must be conducted on these systems is the acoustic simulation that evaluates the effect of pressure oscillation on the structure: resonance and dangerous forces. In order to perform this simulation a mono-dimensional code, LMS AMESim, has been used. The huge amount of pipes, curves and other components like heat exchanger, valves and tanks raises the complexity of the system requiring a better control of the simulation. In order to satisfy all requirements and to improve the automation of the analysis an MDO tool, modeFRONTIER, has been used. modeFRONTIER is able to control the inlet and outlet variables, to extract the pressure in all the parts of the lines and automatically to find the values that not respect the targets. Thanks to this approach it is possible to control the simulation results in a very fast way and it is possible to find the better solution for the CNG compressor Line.
A further advantage of the use of modeFRONTIER is the global automation of the process that allows to run simulation without interruption, night and day also in the week-end, evaluating many design configurations and reducing the development time.