Modelling of a pyrolytic oven using a mix of 3D and 2D virtual analysis methods

Vincenzo Colozzo



The aim of the activity is to investigate critical areas of an oven for domestic use during the pyro cycle and therefore under its major stress condition, determining the areas with a critical temperature. Critical areas for such an over are the door, the cabinet, the kitchen furniture in which the oven is installed, but also the electrical (i.e. electronic board, electrical components)and mechanical equipment inside. To perform this investigation a whole oven installed in its kitchen furniture has been modelled. All the loads (heaters) have been modelled together with the ventilation system (cooling and oven cavity heat distribution). At the same time a prototype of the real oven has been prepared to validate the virtual model.
The first run has the scope to validate the model and give a general overview of the area where to concentrate the investigation.
After the first step detailed 2D analyses with discrete parameters have been performed on the door assembly to find the best configuration.
In consequence of that, a detailed 3D analysis on the cooling system has been performed to optimize the impeller performance to maximize the air flow.
Finally the best door configuration together with the best cooling assembly have been joined into the total model and a final run has been done for verification.