Eric Deletombe


  • PhD Director Habilitation, University of Valenciennes (November 2013),
  • Special Scientific Advisor for the Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics Department at ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab (Since 2010),
  • President of the "Fast Dynamics and Collisisons of Structures" Common Research Lab (ONERA, CNRS and Univ. Valenciennes), from 2004 to 2012,
  • Head of the "Structural Design and Dynamic Resistance" Research Unit at the French Aerospace Lab (Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales) from January 1999 till December 2009. Research scope : both experimental and numerical activities. Key subjects: Metallic and Composites Materials, Joints, Behaviour, Damage and Rupture, Transient Dynamic Loads (crash, impacts, etc), and Fluid/Structure Interactions (HRAM, ditching, explosions).
  • Research Engineer at ONERA (since 1991)


Personal research works focalised on the numerical modelling and FE simulation of materials, joints and structures non linear behaviours and rupture. Starting from the modelling of the crash behaviour of metallic aircraft structures in the early 90's, research activities rapidly included the modelling of the dynamic behaviours of composites structures and joints under transient dynamic loads (incl. coupled fluid/structures interactions esp. HRAM).

Numerical optimization of composite fuel tanks subject to hydrodynamic loads

Eric Deletombe

ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab


One of the major goals of the French Aeronautics and Space Research Centre is to perform targeted Research in the Aeronautics and Space fields, for military and civil use. In order to perform a valuable targeted Research, it is essential to be involved in the Research effort. It is also necessary to detect the new emerging knowledge, offering a great potential for the aimed applications. Finally, in a context of generalised economic competition, it is also essential to be able to quantify – and thus prove – the progress that such new technologies can bring, as soon as possible in the development process. And that, always keeping in mind the necessity to produce research results, readable and easily assimilated and used by the industry.