Leveraging SGI's UV and VizServer platform to enable multiple CAE users to run ANSYS software with remote visualization in a data center

Tony De Varco



SGI and its partner E4 delivers an unified compute, storage and remote visualization solution to our manufacturing customers that reduces overall system management requirements and costs. An individual SGI UV rack unit (IRU) with 128 cores and 2TB of memory with multiple graphics cards operates just like a large workstation using a single OS. Combining four IRUs within a full SGI UV rack with a single OS is far less complex to manage than traditional scale-out systems with many nodes and operating systems. CAE engineers, at the departmental level, can now allow multiple remote users create, collaborate, test, optimize, and verify new complex ANSYS simulations in a single system and without moving their data. This presentation will outline the problem and offer the technical solution with example results.