Use of Pushover Analysis for Seismic Retrofitting of a Precast Concrete Warehouse

Giovanni Di Sciascio

Di Sciascio


Non-linear analysis (Pushover), essential for the new seismic verifications, provides a high computational complexity and therefore the need for an automated tool to support the calculation.
The proposed solution consists in implementing the suite of calculation (Straus7) with an Add-on that executes nonlinear static analysis for reinforced concrete buildings, starting from the definition of moment-curvature diagrams, to arrive at the determination of the capacity curve of a building and the verification of ductile and brittle elements.
This solution offers both computational support in dealing with non-linear analyses of buildings, and a great versatility, integrating into the environment of a “general purpose” computer program such as Straus7.
The report will illustrate the various phases of the study undertaken for interventions for the safety and seismic retrofitting (100% NBS) of a precast concrete warehouse, solved by the combined use of Straus7 and the Add-on for non-linear analysis, ie:

  • Analysis of the structural deficiencies
  • Safety assessment
  • Design of the seismic retrofitting