Tool Joints Forging Optimization

L. Fracasso - C. Contri



Hydromec S.r.l was founded in 1980 and its core business is design, manufacturing, erection and start-up of presses, automations and plants for metal forming. The range of product includes:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic presses for brass and aluminium forging
  • Hydraulic presses for steel forging of flanges, rings, bars
  • Radial-axial ring rolling machines
  • Automated lines for sheet metal stamping

Forge 3D has been used by Hydromec S.r.l in order to check the complete die filling at the end of a reverse extrusion operation for a tool joint production. Thanks to Forge 3D post processor analysis instruments, most significant process parameters (like speed, force vs. stroke and temperature) have been compared with the actual one obtained from the devices installed on board of the press. The analysis between virtual and actual process parameters highlights a very good agreement with a global error within 5%.
Forge 3D is a reliable design instrument that Hydromec regularly uses to fulfill customer satisfaction.