modeFRONTIER 2014: extend your capability of optimization

Francesco Franchini


Danilo Di Stefano



modeFRONTIER has for many years a point of reference with regard to Multi-Disciplinary Optimization (MDO) software and applications. In this presentation we would like to provide a brief introduction to practice of MDO and how is implemented into modeFRONTIER, focusing then on the new features of the last release modeFRONTIER ® 2014. A new powerful, self-adapting optimization algorithm, enhanced data mining and database handling and three new direct integration nodes: the latest release of modeFRONTIER reaches new performance levels by streamlining the management of highly complex design scenarios.  
In order to emphasize and clarify the usefulness of some new features, an industrial application, developed together with BorgWarner, will be shown: the multi-objective optimization of tensioner arm of distribution system already standard on Ferrari V8 engines (California and 458 Italia) . The new optimization algorithm, pilOPT, has been used in order to compare the optimal results coming from this optimization with the results obtained using some of algorithms available on the previous version: advantages and disadvantages will be highlighted.