Scilab implementation of inverse kinematics and inverse dynamics algorithms of a Gough-Stewart platform

Paweł Fuć, Piotr Lijewski

Poznan University of Technology

Łukasz Borawski, Rafał Grzeszczyk

ODIUT Automex sp. z o.o.


Recently there has been a significant rise of applications for six degrees of freedom motion systems. Such a system is being developed by the ODIUT Automex company as part of the McHEX project. The target product is a system composed of a hardware based on a Gough-Stewart platform and a software responsible for its control. An important part of the design of a hexapod is the determination of its workspace, necessary actuator lengths, allowable joint angles, minimal actuator forces required to follow a desired trajectory, etc. All these data is provided by the inverse kinematics and the inverse dynamics of the hexapod at hand. In this paper we present an approach to solving both the inverse kinematics and the inverse dynamics of a hexapod. The developed Scilab software package allows the user to specify the geometrical and dynamical parameters of a hexapod. Then, for the defined configuration and for a desired trajectory the user obtains the required data. The paper presents the description of the hexapod, the inverse kinematics and the inverse dynamics solutions as well as some simulation results.