The comprehensive analysis for RTM process of CFRP by ANSYS Workbench

Yohei Furuta



In the automobile industry, the usage rate of CFRP, Carbon Fiber
Reinforced Plastic, is expected to increase sharply instead of steel in order to improve the fuel consumption by weight saving at an early date. Under this circumstance, a manufacturing process called RTM, Resin Transfer Molding, is mentioned as one of the key technology for applying CFRP to Automobile. This molding method is one of the popular ways to manufacture the CFRP. The products are formed by impregnating reinforcing fiber base material with resin after closing the mold that placed only the fiber, dry fabric, in advance. The features of this method are that it can integrally mold the large product and has superior mass-productivity. In this session, I introduce the comprehensive analysis example of this RTM process by combining various tools as a central focus on ANSYS Workbench.