Managing large data quantities using LabVIEW

Morten Kjeldsen, Jarle V. Ekanger, Haakon H. Francke

Flow Design Bureau AS


Flow Design Bureau (FDB) rely on LabVIEW software solutions and hardware integration for managing of large data quantities. This presentation focuses on two applications: 1. Continuous acquisition of data from a distributed monitoring system with analysis on demand, and 2. Continuous and real time acquisition and analysis of sensor data in an instrument application.
A hydropower plant in Norway is equipped with 5 separate measurement locations distributed over several kilometers. With up to 10 sensors acquired at a high sampling rate at each location, a huge number of data is to be stored, but also to have a correct absolute time-stamp. From stored data, users can order statistical analysis on demand. This presentation highlights solutions related to data transfer and storage, time- synchronization and data retrieval and analysis. The latter also includes a brief introduction to Kalman filtering techniques applied in order to improve the measurement accuracy of specific parameters of interest.
One development within FDB is a cavitation intensity quantification system. The analysis resulting in cavitation intensity bases itself on 30-second samples holding about 3M values each. During the analysis, a number of memory demanding functions launches and completes. This paper reports the real-time solution meeting this challenge.