MyTest: The Airbus Solution for Major Structural Test Measurements

Jérôme Lasvenes

AIRBUS Operations SAS

Diane Joly



MyTest solution has been developed since 2009 to address A350 major test campaign and taking into account experiences of recent major structural tests for A380 and A400M. MyTest delivers a new set of software modules managing instrumentation and real-time measurements.
The instrumentation module is being deployed worldwide (Airbus sites, risk sharing partners, tests labs) and provides capabilities to manage up to 10 000 sensors with the support of aircraft digital mock-up from (CAD). Further modules will provide advanced features to monitor sensor signals during the test, especially the correlation with forecast data (CAE).
MyTest is a customization of commercial solutions, according to Airbus requirements: the development is performed by INTESPACE (AIRBUS subsidiary).
MyTest, as a harmonized process & data hub, provides significant benefits during the three main phases (Test preparation, test running & post-processing) for Stress Community (sensor drawing edition, correlation with CAE data, link with design data…) and Test Community (manage operations on test specimen, sensor maintenance, connection to acquisition system…).
MyTest is a huge technical step in Structures/Tests capabilities for Airbus Extended Enterprise. As one of the new Airbus standards, new opportunities of application to others mechanical industries will be investigated.