Analysis of a CFD Approach for the Study of the Aerodynamics of a Scooter

Lombardi G., Maganzi M.

University of Pisa

Baldini S., Rosellini W.

Piaggio & C.


In the paper, cooperation between the University of Pisa and Piaggio, the flow around a scooter is analysed by means of the CFD code Star Ccm+. In a first phase the results are compared with those obtained through a wind tunnel test campaign, showing a good data accordance. Therefore, the CFD approach can be considered a useful engineering tool in the scooter design, and, with respect to the experimental approach, it has the advantage of providing a complete description of the flow field. This aspect appears particularly important when a modification of the geometry must be verified from the aerodynamics point of view. Finally, as an example, the procedure is applied to the analysis of the effects of a spoiler, introduced to increase the comfort. From the CFD a complete description of the flows, with and without the spoiler, are obtained and compared. The results show a significant increase in the comfort grade, without a decrease in the aerodynamics characteristics of the scooter.