Application of Particle Method MPS-Based CFD Software Particleworks® for Product Design

Sunao Tokura

Prometech Software Inc.


In recent years various particle methods have been developed as a numerical simulation technique and used in product design and development. One of most popular particle methods is SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) and SPH was originally developed to simulate the behavior of compressible flow in the field of astrophysics. Another particle method called MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) has been developed for incompressible flow. Since many engineering problems concerning fluid flow are regarded as incompressible, MPS is quite suitable for such problems. In this paper CFD software Particleworks developed based on MPS method will be introduced and the capability of MPS in Particleworks are compared with that of SPH implemented in explicit FEM software LS-DYNA®. In addition some examples of one-way coupling technique to estimate strength of products using Particleworks and LS-DYNA will be demonstrated. Furthermore examples of MPS method in industrial application are presented.