Design and optimization of hard metal tools for cold metal forming processes

Antonello Valsecchi

Ceratizit Italia


Ceratizit Italia S.p.A. is the Italian branch of Ceratizit S.A., the biggest producer worldwide of hard metal components for wear protection applications.
Hard metal is a powder metallurgy material made of Tungsten Carbide and a binding element (f.i. Cobalt). Among many applications, hard metal is widely used for the production of tools for cold metal forming such as stamping dies, punches, knives, rolls and hammers.
Ceratizit Italia produces customized tools for cold metal forming applications in synergy with its customers; in addition the engineering department at Ceratizit Italia is active as a real Center of Competence on metal forming applications and tools. Ceratizit technicians analyse application issues and customer needs in order to provide advices on the best tool design or configuration.
Ceratizit Italia has recently introduced the FEM simulator Trasvalor ColdForm with the aim of straightening the capabilities in terms of CAE tools design. The main focus of FEM simulation at Ceratizit Italia is the analysis of wear and stress on the tools in order to improve their design and to choose the most performing hard metal grades among the big variety available.